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Thank you for sending me to the 24 pc.
Isn't it wonderful to have a dog! I had my Bambi directly after my husband died, and it helped ever so much. With a dog you have to get up in the morning, go out - in any weather - several times a day, you have companion and.... like with the Jack Russels (sorry, Bambi is not a dog to laugh about) you get your laughs as well.
Ours used to play football (Dutch football, not American) and stand in the open door to the floor and we would kick the ball and she would jump and catch it. Then lay it down and 'kick' it with her nose to us, so we would repeat the game again. We used to call her 'the best keeper Holland has'!

Lia ... Do the 24 piece puzzle... It tells you a bit about my nutty dog that
I love dearly. Ok !!


That's what we are here for: to spoil them.
My Bambi also has a basket + blanket on the floor and a blanket on the couch. 1/2 is mine; 1/2 is hers! We each keep to our 1/2, she doesn't like to lie on lap, like my Jack Russel Mickey liked to do (not my lap, only my husband!).. and to be honest: Bambi has a cushion + blanket in my bedroom. She can lie there or elsewhere at night, as she likes. Not spoiled at all..... !!!

Hi Lia .... I am so glad I was able to show you our Jack Russel .... he also likes his own blanket only he has two .... one on the floor and one on the couch ... he also likes being covered up once he lies down ....spoiled rotten .... just like a baby LOL


How nice. This is the same way in which our Jack Russel would sit in my husbands arms!!! and then look t.v.!!! (both of them!). And I had to get my husband a drink, because 'sorry, I can't get up now' !!!
(The dog died about 9 years ago and my husband 6)

My dog Bambi prefers to lie on her own on her own blanket on her own corner of the couch!!!!!

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