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  1. Pappadok0:57
  2. hsm1:05
  3. auntmom71:06
  4. MNBrown1:10
  5. RZRgirl1:11
  6. Surreal_Heidi1:12
  7. BubbaLou1:17
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  10. stag1:21


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Deep words Rainrider, thank you for caring so much.


The world is change with every life saved. So save a life, and help build a better, and happier world. Like some of you, I trust animals more than people. Our pets give their love freely, with only the hope of it being returned. They will protect us, if we do the same for them. Well most will anyway.



Milena, that was a noble act. I hope I am well until my boys cross the bridge, otherwise I pray for someone with a big heart, they should stay together. One of my adoption agencies promised to get them and get them adopted together. I have a long list of things to do to organize "our departure", among them, I intend to write down the boys likes and dislikes and their essentials to continue happy and healthy.

I accept I have a cat personality, but I love protect and respect dogs as well. I just don't like to be licked or jumped at, and barking affects my stress a LOT more than a meowing. The boys meow and I immediately address what they want. They have lots of windows to look outside and thankfully they do not meow at anything. Just a growl if any stray cat gets too close to the house. That is why there are some personalities just for cats. Nothing against dogs. And is the same with cats, if they sense they are not accepted they retreat.

There is also a quote for cats, unfortunately the author is unknown.
"Never trust anyone who doesn't like cats."


@ashanhu My brother and family have a Pomeranian now, from a Romanian breeder. Something with Dracula...


I don't trust a human who doesn't like dogs, but I trust a dog who doesn't like humans.

It is a wise saying.


My dog was still with a lady who couldn't keep her anymore. She was very worried and now she's happy, because Fleur is fine with me and we go to see her from time to time.
I don't know how old Yorkies live (my Ashan Hu was 16) but I guess at least 4-5 years we will be together.



Hurray to adoptions! ๐Ÿ’›


I prefer dogs to most humans.


@ashanhu Where did you get her? Off the street or animal shelter?


Such a true statement.


I too am happy that I brought home Fleur, a 10 year old dog (she is now 11, a year of happiness for both of us).


La speranza e per tutti Milena :) cani,gatti e tutte le creatione del Signore :)


Perfect words!


That was our thinking when we finally decided to adopt our two sets of whiskers. Give them the best life they could ever have.


Of course I'm kidding, I can't stand spiders, but I don't kill them.


Of course, everyone except spiders.


You can say that about any one animal... ๐Ÿ˜”



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