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Carolyn's Bird Visitors. Larger

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My sister Carolyn has had lots of rain too and was thrilled to see these birds visiting her soggy lawn.
Right in front was an Eastern Rosella (parrot) a bit blurry. We don't see them here.
Then four Galahs behind him, and five Ibis, four dark ones (Straw Throated) and one white one (Sacred Ibis) like I showed you a while back in our yard. it is unusual to see them inland, but all the rain seems to have enticed them to fly west.
They are so pleased to have good rains and a green lawn at last as they have had terrible drought for the last few years.
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  1. auntmom71:16
  2. alias2v1:36
  3. dudicat1:45
  4. mimmie11:48
  5. elliemay1:53
  6. albertwinestein2:08
  7. Pekaji2:18
  8. dize52:29
  9. Rettch2:44
  10. MeMaw232:55


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Thanks alias. ♥



Yes Rettch, I know you enjoy our birds. Thanks and hugs.


Thanks Lena, I'm glad you enjoyed them. Hugs. ♥☺


Thanks Janet. You know how I like aussie birds.

Thank you Jan and your sister Carolyn for interesting birds♥️😍Hugs Lena


Thanks, Dize. :-))) ♥♥♥


Haha Nev, forlawn!!


Good one Nev, hugs. ♥♥♥


Yes Diane a lot of grass there! Hugs. ♥♥


Dize, you must have been sad and forlawn. :-))) ♥♥♥


I was all over the place today, Nev, waving bits of lawn around with my mouse!!


No worries Nev, hugs. ♥♥♥


Dize, I was hopeless today. The mind just wasn't on the job. ♥♥♥

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