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  5. Irene19470:15
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Hee-Hee! I watched, amazed, the whole press briefing yesterday ....... most of the time I was swearing at the screen. Really hope you'll be able to go to church next Sunday ("We're working on it") and everyone gets back to work SOON!!!!!


Hope you’re well, too!

Every time I hear a red state politician talk about being sure that folks over 70 (like me) would undoubtedly be willing to sacrifice their health (meaning their lives) for the sake of their grandkids (meaning the economy/stock market, and the favorite bragging point of a certain political “leader”), I wonder if they realize that he’s also over 70....... As long as he goes first, I’ll think about it.......


Came back to this one for a BIGLY LAUGH!!
See you're still around - hope you are all well, in your abandoned State!


Funny! Thanks, Suemarie. Please let me clarify about the camping puzzle. When I said the first day was for travelling up there, all I meant was they traveled to the lake on the first day, not that they spent the entire day traveling. My only point was that it was a three-day affair --going the first day, spending the entire second day at the lake coming back the third day -- instead of running up to the lake for a couple of hours in the afternoon, like we did in my day. I apologize for the careless language that misled you.

We should give a pass on misinterpretation there may a disorder of some kind.

When I first saw the puzzle I was expecting a religious objection from one of the God squad, I'm amazed that sflgranny managed to bring race into the mix ( I was going to say lighten up but no doubt that would be misconstrued too) Some people take everything too seriously.

For me a good joke and a big laugh ! But , I can understand some People may see it from another side .

Hey folks, there's one in every crowd, ignore.


Yes I am in total agreement with Suemarie, always separate colours to stop your whites going grey or pink. This has NOTHING to do with race it's about laundry and and a pun on the opening book of the bible!

Are you telling me you wash red socks and white socks together?


I laughed at the puzzle, but I'm in stitches over that last comment!


WHAT??? It's a pun on Genesis, with God separating the light from the dark, and has nothing whatsoever to do with races! People who do laundry properly understand the concept of separating the clothes into 2 batches, so you don't get the results I described in my own laundry. Maybe you should check your own prejudices, if you see one in this....

This is a racist puzzle and I think we have had enough of that. It should be removed.



Thanks for the laugh suemarie.


Thanks, everyone!

I don't separate, either, which is why I have a lot of dark clothing with white fuzz stuck to it, and a lot of "white" clothing that really isn't anymore.... LOL!

Funny, I didn't get it at first, I don't separate. I'm retired and don't care.


What manicpuzzler said!


Me to GOD !!!


LOL, my kind of humour :))

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