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Ravioli Lasagna

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  1. 1y2n1533:09
  2. lordmojo3:39
  3. susannea5:59
  4. Avalanche6:00
  5. yarnover6:06
  6. milinski6:38
  7. bigchen6:46
  8. timc7:14
  9. dethme0w7:25
  10. cupcake677:28


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That's what I've been told. Actually, I think so too! :::blushing:::


If older Italian people tell you so, then it must be mighty good!


I find making my own sauce is relaxing(?) I guess that is the word to use. The hardest part of making it is opening the cans of sauce and paste. I do not start from ripe tomatoes...that's going too far for me. Contadina tomato sauce and paste are the only tomatoes sauces I use. I have had older Italian people tell me that I make the best sauce/marinara they have had in a long time. I do simmer it all day long!!!


Wow, look at Ambitious Girl go!


Just printed out the recipe for this, but it will wait until I make my own sauce. Just do not like jarred sauces.


Right!!!!! Easy-peasy!!!


Right? :-)


I agree, DJ... how easy this looks! Forget the 2-hour lasagna making process and throw this together in 20 minutes! Works for me! :o)


Hey, never thought about this combination!!! This could be really GOOD!!! I may just have to try this someday. Yum!!!

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