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Happy Birthday sillychick/JamaLlama

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64 pieces
75 solves
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Wish sillychick/JamaLlama a happy birthday Monday 1/25
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  1. mlp13:45
  2. Wurm4:24
  3. reinaj4:29
  4. wyett4:58
  5. niggae4:59
  6. Nueddel5:00
  7. jacques755:18
  8. honzamarcela5:30
  9. Teagardener5:32
  10. Dzydvl5:33


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@Donnajames & @karencubbison ...I am right here ewe 2 :] *LOL*
Oh Goodie more presents, *lol* :)


I will have to come up with an extra special puzzle. Thanks for the heads up @DonnaJames!


@karencubbison - just so you know so sc/JL doesn't remind you like she has every one else. LOL hahahahha


I remembered!!!!


@bjondron, Thank-Ewe & I'll make sure there IS a quarter under my plate, ha ha ha :)
& dj knew this IS My favorite color Blue, how she knew, is a guess b/c I like a lot of shades of Blue, butt this 1 IS the Best :)


@dhi, Thank-EwE :)


@generic_bear2 Thank-ewe 2 :)


@Donnajames, I am full of it, dew ewe no any relief??? ha ha ha :}


@Minibank, Thank-ewe & I WILL get a BUNCH of Goodies, *LOL* greedy little sucker I am, Tee Hee Hee :)


It's always great to be able to celebrate a birthday! That's the bluest blue of balloons! They are the color of my one sister's bridesmaids dresses. A Satin Royal Blue! So I'll send you best wishes for your special. Like my grandma did for me on my birthday...may you find a quarter under your dinner plate! Betty


Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Jamal!!!


You are sooooo full of it!!!!!!!!!!! LOL hahahahaha

got a bunch more saved up for ya!


Happy B- day jamal, have a great day and lots of goodies


OH ~WoWzer I got another Bluetiful Bouquet of Bluetiful Balloons here 2 :) :) :) *LOL*
Ewe did GR8 dj & again I can't Thank-you enough ;) This IS Awesome :) It IS better than Vanilla Cake, Tee Hee Hee :} I missed ewe last nite & I can sea why, ewe were buzy 4 sure making this Special gift 4 just Me. Ewe know this IS going 2 give me a BIG head now & my ego meter just took a H U G E rise, Mauhahahaha... :}


...also continued from comment below, ewe gave me a 64 piecer puzzle close to old I am, that little detail was very Sweet :) The color IS the Perfect Blue :) The writing on the puzzle IS very Special :) I am solving this Bluety & then re-booking it so I can enjoy it 4 awhile when I open my 'Bookmarks' :) ~WoW~ now I know why I didn't sea ewe last nite, ewe were buzy buzy, buzy :) Homemade gifts are the Best, Thank-you dj :}


Hope they enjoy wonderful birthdays :)


OH MY * OH MY * OH MY GOODNESS * Thank-ewe so very much :) These are definitely BLUTEFUL 4 sure :) Ewe are sooo very Nice...~WoWzer~...I'm speechless...This IS better than Chocolate Cake, which I am sneaking a piece 2nite, *lol*...Very Kool how you did that 2...W2G BIG siS :)


@Birgit73 @bdmc @Donnajames @irisriver @IssyCoston @Magaella @Peggystarr3 @renegal59 @dhi @Droelfzehn @myself1935 @lovesgulls @kmccarrel @Mischka @bjondron


@sillychick @JamaLlama

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