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Happy Easter from Mr. Riley!

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Riley opened his eyes long enough to wish you all a Happy Easter! He was having a nice snooze in a basket within a basket, his newest "favorite" spot to nap!!
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Thank you, Patsy! Mr. Riley has had a great summer, and "his photographer" should be able to get a photo of him this next week and will post ASAP! ☺☺

Hello Mr. Riley! I hope you had a good summer. Maybe you'll have a visit from your photographer before long so we can see you again. ~Patsy


Thank you, Patsy! I hope you had a happy Easter week as well! I am sure Riley's family will make sure he has an ongoing supply of baskets! When I visited them back in February, he was happily dozing in a basket in another room of the house, and loves to try out every possible accommodation! ☺☺

Well, Easter is finished. But I still wish Riley and GOSPELGRANDMA a happy Easter week. And I hope you get to keep your baskets for a while. ~Patsy


Thank you for your comments, Nillie. I had a wonderful Easter, and I trust you did as well! Have a wonderful day!! ☺☺


Hope you had a nice enjoyable Easter GG!! Sorry about the delay in the Easter greeting but better late than not at all...
Mr. Riley looks as great as ever in and out of his basket...♥♥


Thank you to all my Jigidi friends for your nice comments. It was worth having Grandma wake me up to greet you all! You all have a nice day tomorrow, and I'll take another nap!!

Thank you, Morepiecesplz. Yes, he has grown so much, and is so settled and happy. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing him!

I hope you had a Happy Easter yourself, Bubba2710! Thanks for solving Mr. Riley's puzzle!

Thanks so much, EllaMB! He is a joy to the family!! ☺

Hi Kossamu, Mr. Riley enjoyed his Easter Day. He had lots of family around, and he enjoyed the warm day snoozing amidst the gathering! God bless you and your family as well, and I am so thankful that He is Risen!! ☺☺

Thank you, Calluna! We all had a wonderful Easter, and I trust you did as well! I am very happy to share Mr. Riley with all of you!! I don't get to see him a lot, but I will do my best to get a puzzle worthy photo of him when I do! ☺

You're welcome, Impie! We had a great visit on Sunday. I'm glad you enjoyed his photo! He finds the funniest places to nap in. You never know where you will find him! ☺☺


Thank you, Riley. I hope you did enjoy your Easter as well! ♥♥

Thanks for sharing Riley with us, GG. He looks marvelous and so adorable in his basket in a basket.♥☺♥


Looking handsome as ever Mr Riley! Terrific napping spot you've got there. Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter as well (lots of T.R.E.A.T.S.!). TFS GG! :-))


Hi there Mr. Handsome❣️ Riley, it’s so very good to see you and I hope you had a good Easter Weekend with some extra treats❣️ Thank You Grandma for posting him and God Bless You and Your Family❣️ He is Risen❤️❤️


Mr. Riley is such a handsome boy! It's good to see how well he's doing.


Happy Easter Riley


He's gotten so big... delightful to see him again!

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