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  1. like921150:28
  2. nikkonen0:28
  3. nfourni0:29
  4. Larryl0:33
  5. nela090:34
  6. andre7110:34
  7. chickiemama0:35
  8. mouki0:35
  9. snooker0:35
  10. Kathy480:35


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Thank you for the link, Morris! That was so fun!

Thank you for the other suggestions, Colin! I enjoyed all of them. I'm surprised I never heard these back in '76 when they came out. But it isn't too late. Very creative. Love the orchestra.


Thank you for refreshing my memory colin. It was fun!


Morris - thank you. Great link.
Patti: if you want to hear more, try "The Cask of Amontillado" and/or "The Telltale Heart". Other titles as well........ Good music and marvellous interpretations!!


Here is a link for the song, Patti.


Thanks, Colin. I saw The Simpson's interpretation years ago. Didn't know his work was put to music! Very cool!


Nice one, Patti - evocative and an apt tribute to EAP. I have the Alan Parsons Project's album - Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Poe's work put to music). The best song on it is "The Raven", IMO.
Then, of course, there's the interpretation by "The Simpsons" - hilarious!


Thank you, Shirley. Sounds like a wonderful way to wake up!


At the moment we are woken with the chipping of a pair of blue wrens, I love them, or the sweet song of the butcher bird, Thanks Patti for the post.


Thanks for your comment, Yellowgal. I agree, they sure are intelligent. Maybe the "early to rise" makes them that way!

The intelligent & black rascal the raven; early this spring they would awaken us at 5:00 am . . . . we were okay with it when they moved on!!


Thanks, CM, Celeste, and TS!
(TS- interesting about the museum! I didn't even realize there was one.)


I like ravens, crows and Poes! In Baltimore, I visited that museum, not his home, and didn't go to the grave, because that museum was spooky enough. He's always been one of my faves. Love your quip about Poesting!


Cool picture :)


Thank you PLG. I like ravens and crows.


Thank you, RH, Ank, and Jacques. Seemed like the right time of year to POEst a raven!


nice patti


Love it


"Quoth, the raven ... " ; )

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