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In the pink...Moi!!

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Top row from left: at a picnic & holding a burning branch - aged 20-something - early 70's in Sydney, as a toddler - about 2y.o, the dreaded class photo at Young High School - 16y.o.

Centre row from left: first and second photos are when I was in my twenties & newly-married in Sydney in the early 70's, and then about 15 years ago !

Bottom row from left: early 1980's in Brisbane and the next two were taken in Vietnam on holidays during a couple of cooking classes in 2010.
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  1. saladlover0:11
  2. Robbos0:12
  3. mariolyn0:12
  4. snooker0:14
  5. Dilubreuer0:14
  6. robryan0:15
  7. bluebird420:15
  8. morris1860:16
  9. wjl10150:16
  10. PLG19580:16


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Thanks so much Lunie:))))


Still the pretty lass from down under!


Thanks smllpkg:))

Thanks Ank - it's easy to manipulate the colours - and it jazzed up some old, and not very good, photos:)))

That's right snooker - it was the cropped version:)) Thanks :)))

LOL!! Maybe Dave:))) ....One day:)))) The background is a choice of setting in tuxpi - and it looked like a fun one:)) Thanks:))))


Come-on Robyn.... please??? Although I've seen a couple of different photos of you before, here, I'll always remember you also from top middle, from the times you used it as your avitar. Nice work, including the background!!!

The top middle is in one of the collages. Great effort on this.


Very nice Rob, You look lovely in pink but... I played a bit with the colors, and the result was great. ☺


Very clever, Rob.


LOL!!! Maybe:)))) Maybe not:))))) I'll have to think about it Barb:))))) Thanks :))) LOL!!


LOL! Thanks Patti:)) I was in two minds:)))))

Thanks Janet - it was a bit of fun to experiment:))))

Thanks Nev - I played with IrfanView and is sort of hid me:))))

Thanks Cathy - and yes - I definitely did it on purpose:))))


Rob, now that we'd had seen you all distorted....can you repost the same collage in real photos, please? I'd like to see you in real....LOL


That's a wonderful collage!! And those are very nice pictures but hard to see clearly through the PINK. And yes I realize you did that on purpose. : )))


Very pretty Rob, but I would have liked to see you "for real." LOL. Thanks and hugs.


Wow, Robyn! So fun to see you! And in the pink, too! Thank you so much for posting this!

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