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72 pieces
55 solves
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  1. rrfan6:22
  2. Ceefercat7:04
  3. Tyco7:16
  4. mmattera7:48
  5. Thomas_m8:12
  6. farout8:17
  7. joblow8:28
  8. bmuirhead8:43
  9. honzamarcela8:54
  10. ababi9:16


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Thanks. I am happy you enjoyed it. I am surprised at how many solved this puzzle.


Likewise, there are many that I have no clue about. I did spot what appears to be the a sprocket from a bicycle, plus the others already noted. Was a fun puzzle.

As a mechanic of 57 years, I found it interesting. There are a few parts I am not able to identify.


Still, it's an interesting pile. Way to clean for most scrap metal I've seen.

I believe it is just a pile of scrape metal.


I'd like to see the fully assembled project. I can see a turbo housing, a bevel gear, an actuator arm and a couple bearings.

@Thomas_m Thanks!


Great puzzle, Thanks for posting

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