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Yard sale :-)

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  1. Navea0:19
  2. alias2v0:19
  3. perleblanche0:21
  4. ullauhrskov0:24
  5. Gulliver0:24
  6. Surreal_Heidi0:25
  7. Sissel0:25
  8. Ianto0:27
  9. Francamia0:27
  10. Fru0:28


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:-))) Thanks Motherofsleep

Nice guy!


Thanks Dave so much for the laugh - that's great :-)))

:-))) Thank you so much Janet and hugs back :-))))

I am glad you had a laugh Nana :-)))))


Puzzle and comments are hilarious!! Thanks all!


Oh dear and he wonders why they are getting divorced!! Thanks and hugs Sissel. ♥♥


I liked the sign on a sports car in the driveway, "Wife says either the car goes or she does - $10,000, your choice."


Thanks for the laugh Girlina :-)))

:-)))) Alias

She sure will PW. LOL


She will notice if someone buys the yard.


Just want to give her a heads up!!! ; ))))


:-))))) Says nothing about that Girlina :-)))))

Hmmm, what is her cell phone #??? ; ))))

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