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The Tourists

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  1. yuperets8:18
  2. Snarisley10:02
  3. kimstorry10:05
  4. Drivhus10:13
  5. Acole978210:56
  6. coop11111:42
  7. Firecracker6612:34
  8. kekkek12:34
  9. marcal12:38
  10. Roberte12:39


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Happy Monday to you too, Sheila! xoxo

Happy tourists ready for the next adventure. Looks like they've been a bunch of places.
Thanks Jeanne Marie.....happy Monday!

Awww, thanks for explaining. I went to bed at 630 am and got up at 10 am so I know what tired it! Good deduction, by the way! xoxo


I'm sorry. Should have explained. First I tried to figure out where each person came from. Then I looked at all the luggage and the only place that everyone was is Paris. So, since they seem to be together, I assumed that they met there. It was late and I was tired. I will explain next time. Had to get up really early and wasn't tired enough to sleep, so I did "another" puzzle. 😆

E, You are so cryptic these days! Why is that? xoxo


Must have met in Paris.

I'm sure they did! Thanks, Orynthia! xoxo

Very colourful, hope they had a good time. Thank you.

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