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"The Tambourine Girl"

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John Godward was from a rich family who did not approve of him becoming an artist, and they were strongly against it. He still went ahead and became a follower of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema without his father's consent. This made his family to cut him off to the extent of them removing him in all family pictures. He was an art student at the royal academy, and this is where he showcased most of his art pieces. He went to Italy in 1912 with one of his models, and this was the final blow with his family ties. When in Italy he faced many challenges about his art as people did not appreciate his style and they thought it was old fashioned. At this time Picasso's art style was becoming famous, and most people want art and paintings which were modern. John William painting style was more focused on paintings of women in silk clothes which was regarded as to Victorian and Neo-classicism which was coming to an end. He returned to England in 1921 after having long and tiring career life in Italy. He committed suicide in 1922 by putting his head inside the oven; many people speculate that he suffered depression and this led to his death. He struggled with depression due to his artwork not being fully accepted in Italy and his family rejecting put a toll on him. He was buried in Brompton Cemetry in west London when he died his family burnt down all his papers, pictures and memoirs as they dimmed his act as a disgrace to the family. Most of his pictures were lost, and there is believed to be only one available portrait of him which can be traced. This has resulted in the life of a talented artist to be a mystery.
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John William Godward's artwork captured my heart. He had such a hard life but found beauty in his artwork, Thank you nanapuzzler for your kind comment :-)


What a cruel family...ruled by appearances instead of sad...will some people ever learn??
Beautiful painting!! Thanks oynot****


My dear friend Isaly, please post tomorrow so I'll know you are okay.


We will be getting the rain tomorrow afternoon and on Friday from the storm....Glad you are okay my friend


Thank you for your feedback Alex, KevinT and Isaly.

All is well here Isaly, just rain. Thank you for your concerns my dear friend :-)


I just checked and saw you haven't been on Jigidi for a couple of days. I hope you are preparing for the storm that is coming and can take shelter out of harms way. Sending prayers your way. Please let me know you are okay when you can. Hugs....


This is a brilliant painting. I am a big fan of John Godward's. Such a shame he took his own life and his family burnt all of his papers, pictures and memoirs.

I hope you won't be in harms way with the storm heading your way. Please stay safe!


I see a nipple


Sad life of an artist :-/

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