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Raindrops keep falling...

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...on the railing!! We ended up receiving 150mm or 6" of rain, and it was much needed!!
This was just an experiment!!
I set the camera on 'macro' and just kept the shutter button depressed for about 8 shots - and these two were pretty neat I thought!!
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We were lucky Jim - about an hour south of us on the Gold Coast they had 12" in about 36 hours and had lots of flooding!!! I remember your basement flood - and what a nuisance and lot of work it was!! Luckily - we live in a hilly area so that's not a problem here:))) Thanks:))


Rob , if we got 6 inches of rain where we live the basement would be flooded. Last year just 4 inches in a short time flooded basements , I was lucky, I had a pump and only got an inch down here , enough to ruin the carpet. Its all tile now. Jim


LOL!! Thanks Jacki:))

Thanks Gracie - Having a quiet one as it's very hot:))

Thanks Suzy - it's greened up nicely - and now the mower will be working overtime:)))


What a great shot of the raindrops!!! It must be looking nice and green :)


Happy Australia Day Rob! I hope you enjoy your day!


i do wish i could share the rain but thor says i'm too immature for that kind of power.


Thanks Barb, Jan - and Happy Australia Day to you too!, Janet, Shirley, Florrie, Morris, Ginger, Laura, snooker, smllpkg, Lyndee and Floyd :))) Today is hot and steamy after the rain so I'm glad I experimented when I did:))) Thanks for all your nice comments:))


Great picture of you rain splashes, etc.!!


I need to learn how to work my camera. I have features I never try.


A very successful experiment, I'd say.

The splashes look like miniature fire works.


I love the droplets bouoncing off the railing! Great shot, Robyn!


Amazing shots, can see the drops splattering even!! ♥ ;o))


I like it!!


Great picture, Thanks, Rob, lovely to see someone is getting some needed rain.


Well done Rob, that macro is wonderful isn't it. Fabulous photos thanks and hugs, Janet


And, oh, didn't we need it, Rob! Photos are so good, we'll be seeing you in the glossies soon! Oh, and Happy Australia Day for Monday - to you and all Aussie Jigideers.


I love your experiment, Rob, and I love your rain photos is great!
And congrats on your rain.... :)


Thanks Nev - yesterday was so wet that I decided to experiment:)))) Idle hands and all that:)))


Thanks Jacki - don't you wish you could send some to where it is needed:)))

I'd love to send you some chookie:))) Our yard was awash yesterday!! I guess the next job will be mowing:))) Thanks :))


Aww, lucky you getting that much rain - I've been watching the weather map and noticed that you've been copping it - send some this way, will you mate? Beautiful pictures of the rain splashing on the rails, rob :))


raining here too, and we don't need it. thanks for the puzzle.

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