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TJ & Jamie: Don't move your office chair, Mom!

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That is TJ chin up on bottom and brother Jamie using her as a pillow, tucked in under the office chair. I only found them by brushing by his fur with my foot. Needless to say, I'm being careful!
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They are adorable, and I do look very carefully. Toes and tails are not something to be stepped on! TJ & Jamie often curl up together. AND I understand what you mean, you get used to seeing, finding one in certain locations then it is so hard to break that habit.


I'm sure you're careful, Betty.....with all these kitties in the house one learns to look before taking a step.....Actually it's hard to kick the old habit, I often still do when I'm in the loft hanging up my washing! :))
They look really cozy and adorable ♥

With these 2 you just never know. Caution is definitely the watch word.

;-) I wouldn't really call this a cuddle, but certainly a demo of how close these two are. The only time I get to see the throat of any of our cats is when they want me to stroke it. It's good you discovered them, and are now being extra careful.

We have been really mild, Nancy, but the streak after a very early ice storm is about t o break I think.


Too cute! Not really cold here, but still chilly....perfect flannel sheet and kitty snuggle weather.



And it certainly is cuddly weather.

It is cold and rainy here. We've had good weather but other than tomorrow we're in for a cold snap with lows about freezing for much of the week. YUCK!
These 2 cuddle a lot together.


How sweet. I don't know how your weather is, but here it is windy and cold. Friends told me it snowed in Flagstaff over night. Just gray sky here. I need my sunshine back!

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29 May 2019 - 8 March 2016
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