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Blackrose Socks

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It's crib size...but the woman is a marvel! :D


Gmestone: I'm slowly working on an afghan (though I haven't worked on it in a while since I don't have enough time), but mine's in squares. (Border collies and sheep! Nah, I don't like those animals at all). Your cousin's method in one way sounds like a lot less trouble and in another way: OMG how??! I hope she's got the world's biggest circular? Or is she making it like crib size?

Gaillou: Thank you! After this shawl, I'm treating myself to another pair of socks. A person can never have enough hand knit socks, all sized to one's own foot. Sooooooo nice.


My ninety-six year old cousin in London, UK was knitting an afghan for a yet to be great grandchild. She was creating her own design and asked her daughter-in-law if she had a picture of a pig. My cousin was planning a blank square, a picture of a teddy bear, a blank square, a picture of a pig, etc. But she was NOT knitting squares, she was knitting the afghan in rows and planning as she went along. It is finished and wrapped in tissue awaiting the hoped for new arrival down the road. :)))


These are beautiful, Bexter. I saw the mittens you made your mother on one of her puzzles and she told me to come here to see more of your work. I love to knit and crochet but have never tried socks. Maybe one of these days. Yours are so nicely done.


Gmstone: Thank you! I'm not the best I could be, I'm still learning. At some point, I want to design my own stuff.

Puzzaddled: You can knit. I taught you how to do circulars! Now I just have to teach you how to fix your mistakes... ;)


Hi, Faye! I taught Bexter to knit on two needles many years ago since I only ever did some knitting in the flat. She has since surpassed my ability and works complicated patterns on circular or DPN needles (mainly with four to five needles). Like your mother, if the pattern is one she is comfortable with, she is often doing something else at the same time (watching a movie, reading a book, chatting, scooting a ball for the dogs with her feet... ;-D). My mother was a gifted knitter and so is my mother-in-law. It makes me wonder whether there is a knitting gene (that skips generations?). LOL


Lovely work. You are a very talented knitter, Bexter. My mum used to watch TV and knit my dad's three-needle argyle socks without even having to think about it. Unfortunately, it's not a skill she passed on.

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