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Fledgling Carolina Wren Part 1

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This fledgling Carolina wren hatched from a nest in the corner of one of my gutters. I was sitting in my kitchen and could see he was pretty shaky. Besides his young age, he had selected a very narrow, window screen edge to land on. It was only about 6 feet from the nest, so it was probably as far as he was comfortable to go. You will see from the sequence, he lost his footing. Not soon afterward, he ventured into the woods and did much better hanging on to tree trunks and limbs!
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  1. PaxLab1:29
  2. Nueddel1:59
  3. Ginni22:15
  4. JGalt2:20
  5. KWill2:20
  6. Frabie12:33
  7. Ianto2:34
  8. MeMaw232:48


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With good reason (being nervous)!


Thanks. It will be a little longer than I had hoped. My friend Tom, who will help me with some things like changing electrical outlets and setting up storage racks in the garage, texted me yesterday that his mother and brother have covid. So far he is testing negative, but his mother lives with him, so I don't want to be around him for a while even if he keeps testing negative. We're both completely vaccinated and boosted, but so is his mother and probably his brother too. Three people I know died of it, two before the vaccine was available and one, the anti-vaxxer sister of a neighbor, after, and I am still very nervous about getting it.


Thanks, Ginni2! I look forward to seeing puzzles of the world around your new home.


He (or she) is adorable! Lucky you to have them nesting there. I may have a pair of mourning doves nesting in the patio eaves at the new house. There was one tucked away in the shadows there the other day. :-)


@Ginni2 - I had mentioned I thought I might have summer tanagers nesting in my gutter. Not quite. They were Carolina wrens. A more common bird to nest on a home, anyway. I was working at my "home office" in the kitchen and watched this fellow (or gal) make his first (or at least a very early) foray from the nest.

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