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Louie was one of two himalayan cats that my ex and I owned. He was decidedly un-cat like, and loved to climb into the lap of anyone who visited us so they could pet him.
He would come strolling into the living room, and then just fall over onto his side and lay there, as he is in the puzzle. And yes, he snored when he slept.
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Both mine snores of and on


I have several cats but I did not know that "some kitties snore". My dogs do.

What a ball of fluff! I bet he misses you.


My Raven snores, too. It's such a cute, funny sound.


Sweet Louie.

Hi Racoonstar. I went to school in a college town in Tennessee. Great memories.


Sorry for your loss, Monica.




Hi my name is Monica, I had two beautiful female cats just like this one. They were the most lovable cats we've ever had. A few months ago we had to have them both put down. :( They were my babies. We had them since they we're 6 weeks old, they lived to be 18 years old. I miss them both so very much! :( It's so painful that I don't think I want another one, just to go through all of that pain again...Monica


A very handsome...and cute...boy!


Ours snores, too, but she's not a pure bred.


Lovely pic. I have a Birman cat with White feed.


Purrfect! grins and smiles! ☺♥☺


The content a snoring cat brings to a relationship is a fine contentment. Thanks for sharing Louie with us.

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