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169 pieces
68 solves
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  1. tidbyte11:24
  2. dotshell11:48
  3. szsand13:27
  4. webpeggy14:42
  5. bkling15:18
  6. sharaside15:51
  7. Askardion16:18
  8. UniqueSnap18:01
  9. jonbee18:11
  10. marpau18:20


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@dotshell and szsand ... thanks! I somehow missed posting the largest size in this one yesterday, posted it before (225 pieces)


Lovely! You should save and repost for Valentine's Day next year! thank you.


I want you to know that your hard work is appreciated, especially by someone who has no idea (or inclination) to work that hard!! LOL!


Thanks Dotty - you always analyse my creations perfectly ☺️


Lovin' this puzzle, Trish! I just noticed the little sparkle you added to highlight the hearts. I also really like the varigated background and the lovely scrollwork on the middle right-hand heart. Thanks! Dotty

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