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A couple of days after it warmed up, I put out two hummingbird feeders (mine and Mom's), and the next day I saw my first hummer. This afternoon, late, after two visits by the male, I went in and got my camera and waited, and got this picture. This is a female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, the only kind we have up here.

And every year, I'm amazed when I first see them - I forget how *tiny* they are!
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Good eye, Ardy - yes, on sunny shots I get a reflection from the feeder on the birds. At times it's annoying.

Yes, janetkleya, in my previous place (3 miles down the road) I've watched what appears to be a male who considered the feeder to be within his territory, and would drive away any and all comers (male, female, or juvenile) when he was around. My neighbor had a feeder a hundred feet away, and I had another on the other side of the house, but everybody seemed to prefer the one by the front porch, where the hazing took place. Go figure!

Yes, Dondi, this is my only hummer visitor and I love all the variety in the family! They are such incredible aviators, I can watch them for hours. I never put two feeders in less than fifty feet, unless on opposite sides of the house! They are territorial and I am not fond of dog fighting birds! They are so peaceful and relaxing to watch! Bless you all,


Then the reddish tinge I see is a reflection from the feeder? Thanks, Don. I loved watching them on Jacki's island. That was only the second time I'd even seen one.


Excellent shot!!
The first arrival of the season is a delight.


The Ruby throat is only on the male, and it's an iridescent color, only visible when the sun hits it right. The females and juveniles look like this.

Except for the tip of Florida, this is the only hummingbird species found east of the Mississippi River. I'm in northern New York State.

Ruby throated hommingbird? It does not look ruby-red.
Where is 'up here'?


Great shot, Don. Thanks.

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