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Not Funny other Nature!!!!

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Well, it is official, the earliest recorded measurable snowfall EVER!!!!
I'm not impressed ... at ALL!!! :(((((
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  2. wbewe3:54
  3. Impie4:24
  4. debdaz4:51
  5. Ejc6:12
  6. canalview7:36


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Yea, and we were told that it was going to be a mild winter! We should be fine by Wednesday afternoon.


@beyondwords We've been promised by the weather folks that this will melt off by the weekend. We'll see.

It is unusual around here, and yep, schools are shut down here as well. Some of the more rural schools went to online, but the main schools here in town had planned on 2 hr. late and decided about 7am to cancel.
beyondwords, down here it is pretty universal, snow and ice are not real welcome. Folks do not know how to drive on ice, and we do not have the heavy plow equipment. It is getting a little better but not much. Basically, airports close, Interstates close, and everything else except the retail stores. It is pretty much a mess!

Gosh, you got October snow in Texas and lots in Albuquerque! Here in Calgary, October snow is not unusual. What is unusual is for it to stay on the ground more than a couple of days at this time of the year. We had our first trace of snow this year on Oct 12, and snow on the ground (and on my flowers) since Oct 14. Yesterday still 10 cm (4 in) on the ground. That didn't stop three of our cats from going out to their cat run in the back yard several times the last couple of days, though they didn't stay too long. It was funny to see their prints in the snow.

But a chinook (warm wind from the Rockies) arrived during the night last night. Now it's a windy 10°C (50°F) and the snow is melting. By the end of the week I can get back out in the yard and do some more fall cleanup. And our garden hoses will thaw out so we can drain them. We don't need to do our final round of fall watering this year. Our cats don't like wind so only popped out for a few minutes so far today, but will be out as soon as the wind dies down.


Yes, and here everything is shut one doing anything (preferably) and even my son's principle (because of Covid schools have discovered the joys of being online) e-mailed to teachers to "make it a light" day for work because s/he was getting calls from parents complaining that their kids would be off for the day if we were not tied to this online stuff. LOL

Nancy, I understand that one! Last night all of my fur babies were on the bed, at least the ones that have always been inside. :)
Anne is is way TOO early for this mess, our average freeze date is Nov. 12th!
I completely agree, Impie, as far as I'm concerned we can skip[ winter and go directly to spring. I'd much rather be hot than cold! I made a pig pot of Burgoo (A stew with chicken beef, tarragon vinegar, worcestershire sauce, with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, corn, tomatoes, and onions. It is a "tradition" for the first cold snap around my house. I sent some across the street to my neighbors and Chad & I were laughing that the seasons this year are in whiplash mode. May 7th we had 107 degrees and snow & ice before Halloween. Nuts!


Not funny at all. Grrrrrr ....too gosh darned early for W.I.N.T.E.R.!
Good thing you've got lots of furry snuggle "heaters"..........which reminds me of a very old New Yorker cartoon of a woman sitting up in bed with a cat or two on the bed and more on the floor around the bed. A man is shown having entered the room and she says something like "Harold, throw on another couple of cats. I'm cold" :DD

Atsutsa's a bummer here too. 8 inches is a record for Albuquerque too this early in the season. Chances are it will be our only snowfall for the year. LOL. Very weird weather so far.


I can imgine, Betty. I'm not a fan of snow either, better still, I hate it LOL

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