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Fairmount Park, Riverside CA 20 August 2016
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  1. bess31101:58
  2. Dclo1:59
  3. saskta532:22
  4. CJHM2:23
  5. Annie4382:39
  6. Hjalmar2:44
  7. MsBecca602:47
  8. jprest2:51
  9. RecentlyRetired2:55
  10. Longbow13:11


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Magnificent picture!


HawaiiDogLove, thank you for your comment. I agree, this is an elegant bird. I especially like to watch them move so gracefully as they hunt for fish.


SlapHappy, do you always have such entertaining comments? I've certainly never had a similar reaction to any of my photos! I do have a fondness for macaws, having frequently visited one at the local children's museum when I was a child. I like crows and ravens, too!

99% of birds a beautiful, however I like the puffan, and magpies. M


ya know, i knew one of these blue herons that wasn't so 'great'...worst roommate EVER. always ate my pizza w/o pitching in, never took out the trash, always ran up my cellphone bill (gave some weak excuse that there aren't any cellphones made for birds...pshaw, whatever).
lol, i hope no one thinks i am hinting that people should get all 2nd amendment on these birds. they are pretty. my favorite birds is are (in no particular order): CA condor, chickens, macaws, parakeets/budgies, crows & ravens.
i know, chickens seems like a strange part of that list, it's a long story that gets a bit 'weird' -one of those "ya had to be there" sort of things.


Beautiful- such a majestic bird.

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