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Metairie Cemetary #5

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YVW, Hanne!


Oh my!! This is grandiose!! Thanks so very much Mimi!!


Thanks Jacques!

Shirley there have been a few instances of vandalism, I guess there are always going to be lowlife types. But most of the destruction takes place at some of the very old cemeteries in a different part of town. (This one is only about 125 years old - practically brand new!) I think the security at this place is pretty tight! However, after Katrina there was about 10 feet of water in the cemetery for a long time. After the water receded you could see the water marks on all the graves. And of course all the grass was dead. Some trees were lost too. But they did an excellent job of cleaning and restoring and now it is as beautiful as ever. Thanks for being interested.


Mimi these are amazing, so beautiful, do they ever get vandalised, we have some lowlife persons wreck headstones, in our Cemeteries, from time to time.


beautiful mimi


YVW Pat!


Love it thanks Mimi


Madhat I do hope you get an opportunity to come and enjoy. Spring or fall are the best times.


Thanks Tex, I think our entries crossed. Glad you find these interesting!


I've really enjoyed them and remember driving by the cemetery when I was in New Orleans a number of years ago. Now I want to go back and wander through. Thanks again.


Well madhat, I am delighted you took such an interest in the series. I don't know if this is the same person either, it's a pretty old tomb. Next time I go to the cemetery I will certainly look close up and see if they have the whole name, dates etc. Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the series, I have some pretty fancy ones coming up!


Very opulent. Thanks, Mimi, these are so interesting.


I found this really interesting and "googled" the name and found the following.

From where I am I have no way of knowing if this is the same person as the monument shows but very interesting. I love Jigidi because it takes us to so many places. Thanks mipahollo1 for the series.


Ank, I think you must be right. We poorer folks could never afford it!


Naoma, you are very welcome and thanks for stopping by. I would love to see pictures of the places you mentioned!


Wow, this is an immense showpiece. I assume that this is for the rich branch of the family.


Impressive. Now I want to go to the Cemetery and take pictures. They have some really good ones in Salt Lake Cemetery, Heber City, Charleston, and Lehi. Thank you for the puzzle. Naoma


Should be #7, I goofed.

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