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8 kaleidos

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  1. mavin27:24
  2. dotshell30:47
  3. pmc35:57
  4. 45greent51:13
  5. misoffer58:18
  6. patfran1:06:49
  7. Afell8631:07:24
  8. crh35801:13:02
  9. fificlark561:23:52


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Hi Dotty! And "snap" that's me too with kaleidos, I seem to get the orientation wrong and it can be frustratingly annoying! I designed the backgrounds for the smaller kaleidos as I've only recently learnt to do Thame. I create them in an app called Procreate (a digital art programme) and the kaleidos are drawn in one app then turned into a circular shape (or a globe) in another but I do have fun learning along the way. I did enjoy your story about putting this one together, don't ever apologise for chatting. Makes a fun read instead of just a "thanks"- not that there's anything wrong with that either, just some people you get to know more so have a bit more to say. See ... I can prattle on too lol! Hope your Monday is/was lovely - it's been a public holiday here so we've had a long weekend. It was very hot yesterday (almost 30 Celsius) and now it's raining, perfect, as I planted and repotted flowers and vege seedlings in my garden all yesterday. Monday evening now, 8pm so time to do a bit of real work before I head into the office tomorrow.


This is a beautiful puzzle, Trish. I do like the patterns behind the small kaleidos. The frame REALLY helped on this one becauase it changed color slowly. I always find it difficult, however, to do the insides of a large kaleido like this big one. Once I have the outside edges, I just can't get the directions of the pattern to figure out which way the next colors should go. (Of course, it took me months to learn to do well on any type of kaleidos, so perhaps I will improve on this type, too.) I know I got a high score, but it took only 17 min to do everything but the inside of the big one and then 13 more minutes to try piece after piece. You maybe didn't need to know all that! Haha! Thanks for the challenge, Dotty

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