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tiny grapes cling to the vine. the vine can't support them until it sprouts more leaves. most of the leaves are destroyed. the vines will survive. next year will be much better. it couldn't 'get much worse here...
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Hi Trish, I hope you're okay?


thanks anezka. i think all of our prayers are with them in Oklahoma.


Regret is what I feel, what happened to you Trish, just as breathlessly watch the news from Oklahoma and much regret that misfortune. So much sadness suddenly in a moment ....


Thanks robryan, i feel like I am choking on a gnat after the news from Oklahoma. God save the poor families torn to pieces. I am truly blessed by comparison


So sorry to see this Trish. I hope you don't get too many like this.


it was a devastating hail storm.


What happened?

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