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"Travel Photographer of the Year 2020" – 3

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One shot island – winner | David Newton

"An outcrop of rock, battered by the waves, forms its own tiny island just off the coast of Taiwan"

Courtesy of The Guardian
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  1. babray6:21
  2. dominator6:25
  3. eaross6:51
  4. Kaffesoester7:29
  5. hunter37:53
  6. Bill_I_Am8:49
  7. stunned9:07
  8. McClock9:12
  9. jignjw9:17
  10. mereagle9:21


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My pleasure, stunned.

Great photo, thanks so much for sharing.


I can't say with certainty that it isn't enhanced but I rather doubt it. He has used a slowish shutter, though, to blur the crashing waves just a bit. Isn't it beautiful? What has your Rorschach blot revealed, besides to say that you are welcome? ;-)


I love the blue water and can't believe it's not enhanced. The more I look at that rock island, the more I think I'm looking at a Rorschach test. Thanks, Bill.


That's so true. We're getting spoiled by all the cool things and places drones are showing us.

So many great new images from drones these days...this is a beauty.


Yes, likely a drone.


It is quite a remarkable shot. I wonder how big the rock is—there's no way to tell. And I wonder how he shot it, with a drone perhaps?

You're welcome, mereagle, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Makes you feel like you are about to step on the Rock, and be crashed in the waves. Great shot, thank you !!


Awesome photo of the One Shot Island. I can see why David Newton was the winner....

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