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up early

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oh yes and getting paid for six and a half hours
having to stay until the work was done
getting paid once a month
the first pay check i got i come home and cried


Hi Penny,

I left school at the age of fifteen, fifty-eight years ago, and started an apprenticeship as an electrician at the biggest, and one of the oldest, abattoirs in Queensland. The place stank (I mean really stank - it was vile, disgusting, stomach-wrenching!), the language and blasphemy were an assault to my young ears, the killing and cruelty were beyond comment, and the processing of offal turned me into a vegetarian for four years. I hated it. In those long-ago unenlightened days the prevailing attitude was that it would "make a man out of me", so my feeble protests fell on deaf, uncomprehending ears. I couldn't wait to get out of the place. My loathing was such that I was often late for work and took a lot of days off for no valid reason.

When in my late forties, under the pressure of university studies, exams, assignments, and deadlines, I started having "abattoir" dreams. They recurred for most of my years at uni and revolved around being late, losing tools, being in the wrong part of the works, not being able to find my overalls, incurring the displeasure of my (long dead) foreman or chief engineer, not being able to complete the tasks assigned to me, wandering aimlessly in a large building with brine showering down on me through the ceiling, etc. It was not until some years after I graduated that these dreams gradually stopped occurring.

But I've had the rare privilege of working in other jobs that I thoroughly enjoyed - jobs that gave me experiences and took me to places that very few people ever experience or see, or visit. I've had jobs that I enjoyed so much I was happy to work for thirteen hours a day, thrived on it and looked forward to starting again after a few hours' sleep the next morning.

Why can't we have our recurring dreams about jobs like that???

I look forward to the rest of your series. I also got a really good laugh out of this one.



I think I had been out of high school about 20 years before I stopped having dreams of being late to class and not being able to remember the combination to my locker padlock!

I haven’t worried about this since 2009 when I retired. Nightmares I’ve had


thanks; you, too! A friend sent my husband a whole bunch of funny stuff, so I will try to put up one a day. Some gave me tears from laughter. This was the first of the bunch, funny, but they do get better.....


Thank you for the good laugh PenSet !! And a nice day to you.