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Shaded Squares 432/12/36

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12 pieces
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  1. caanan0:10
  2. vfdl470:13
  3. retiredwizard0:14
  4. warbler0:15
  5. aubie0:16
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  7. Lifestyle0:17
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Hi Dave, thanks. There may be some the same, but the shading program usually works out nicely.

Hi Nadine, nope. I am FAR too lazy for that. I have a program that makes the squares for me. I usually start with one of my pyramid puzzles. That adds in the shading and then use a mosaic program to make the squares for this one.

Hi Jo. Only 7 stars now and my 21 seconds isn't even close anymore. LOL Hugs.

Have a great weekend to all of you, my Jigidi friends.


Wonderful colors and no two quite the same that I could see. I always like your heart on there, too Sue.


I love these colors and pattern Sue. I hope you didn't assemble them all one by one. That would have taken days! ♥


8 Stars!! And the day is only half over!! Wishing you 2 more!!
Lovely colors, fun design!! Thanks Sue! :)


Hi Ardy and ladywil. Having fun is what it is about. I hope the hands will soon allow you to solve them, ladywil. Y'all have a good day.


I get dizzy when I look at it.
My hands are still too sore. In the morning they are now almost painfree, but when I use them a lot, they start up again. So today I will only comment here and there.


First puzzle of the day, Sue. I was not very coordinated and did not come close to making the board!!! Fun though. Thanks.

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