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Thank you all for the attention and great puzzles on my birthday. Phew, the big 4-0. The puzzle is of another very old sheep, Gammelmor, (Oldie-mom), which I spent some time with this summer. :-)
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  1. linda18022:13
  2. lelabugosi2:47
  3. Robbos2:57
  4. ullauhrskov3:03
  5. NewSong3:08
  6. alias2v3:11
  7. puzzeljac3:12
  8. Jumble3:23
  9. irisriver3:32
  10. Hera9333:33


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Makes life in Jigidi easier, Thanks Magnus!


Gammelmor you are gorgeous.
And Magnus, you are great. ☺☺☺


Thx so much!!! and for explaining dear lela xxx


You're welcome Sue! It's my pleasure. (❛ᴗ❛)


Magnus you are the best. I remember that lots of people had a problem with the "follow" feature just because they lost the possibility to go private. You solved that 'problem'. ☺ Thanks. ♥


Wow! Thank you Magnus once again for your extra effort for adding to the enjoyment of your jigidi family. ♥☺♥

Jigidi staff

You got it, lelabugosi :-)

When prefixing a username with @ it will be turned into a link to that users page - but more importantly that user will get a notification saying "lelabugosi mentioned you in a comment" (in the case below). This way you can "call someone" to a conversation.

They will get the notification even if the puzzle hasn't been published. This way you can make private conversations without the risk of someone accidentally reading along (good for exchanging emails and other private information).




hi dear magnus - hope you had the most fantastic birthday xxx 40 is still a spring chicken!! May you enjoy many more healthy and happy years doing the things you love best. What a lovely sheep!! Please can you tag brightspark too?? Also not sure what it does but THANKYOU for our presen, love from brightspark, sparklightie adn spaklies ♥☼♥


Kirsten - thanks so much for explaining/showing me how it works. I have even managed to explain it to Ardy now. You are such a sweetie. Hugs.


What a cutie she is, I hope you enjoyed your time together. Wow Magnus, the big 4-0. I made a note. I hope to make a big 50 in ten years. ☺
I like the new feature. I think it can make things easy. Thanks. ☺ Ank


Truth be told, neither do I Sue. Maybe Magnus can let us know what they had in mind with this new feature. But if it's the first steps in being able to add other hyperlinks, I'll be happy. (❛ᴗ❛)


I just clicked on it and it went to my profile page. I don't understand how that is any different from clicking on the name by my avatar. They both do the same thing - end up on my profile page. Didn't have to type anything, just click it. Oh well. I guess I don't understand what's different than clicking on the other.


Oops. I meant also to say to Sue, if you type the "@" symbol, followed by your profile name, when you post the comment, it will convert to a hyperlink back to your profile. Like this @sue1 (❛ᴗ❛)


Will we be able to make hyperlinks of other information too, Magnus? Like links to other puzzles? (❛ᴗ❛)


It sure does ☺☺


Hey it works☺☺


Got it, hee-hee!


Is it something to do with the links?


I am not very computer literate, so I have no idea what you mean about a new feature, or what I am supposed to be trying to do. Oh well, so glad you enjoyed your birthday. 40, wow, that was a LONG TIME ago, but I remember it fondly. TeeHee


Hope your birthday was a blast....... 40 is the new 20! :o)

Hello Magnus,
Very nice picture. The next ten and the Big 50, will be upon you sooner than you think. Time sure does fly after 40. Peace and joy to you always. Bev. 8-19-16..12:31PM

Jigidi staff

This comment holds a small birthday present from me to you. We will formally announce this feature soon, but feel free to play around if you can figure out how. :-)

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