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For Val

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Glad it pleased you, Val. :)


Thank you YO so glad to know we are not alone with our cat hotel☺☺


Redina, jasper was a collie or a shepherd, not sure which. It's been decades ago.



Thanks, laurajane. :)


Too funny!


You'd think one porcupine encounter would be enough, but I guess not. Sorry your dog had such a sad end. That had to be a hard time for all of you.


Redina, we had a dog decades ago who got porcupine quills on his face three times in a row. After the third time, mom took the dog to a vet and had him put to sleep. That dog was a slow learner. Never did find out where the dog found the porcupine. Mom never liked pet, even us kids did.


Nice that they all got along so well.

Glad you looked after him. :)


It was a country home, and twice we had to sedate Black Dog to get the porcupine quills out of his mouth, and once he got bit by a snake (probably a rattler) and his poor face swelled up. He was the caretaker of the land, but he needed a little care, too.


It does make much more sense now, thanks...Sherry :)))

How interesting, redina! :)


We bought a house once and the black dog stayed. When we sold it a few years later, Black Dog (as we named him) stayed. It was his house, he just let people live there for a while. Animals know what they want. :)

One of my comments disappeared. Was explaining to bevpuzzler that valt46 has visiting cats that come in, eat, sleep and leave as they please.

good stories...Sherry :)))

PS: valt46's cat's name is Bella. :)

This actually happened to my cousin who lives in Ann Arbor. Her neighbor's cat came everyday day and slept in an easy chair. At night it would go home and then repeat day after day. The cat's name was Bella and she passed this Spring. My cousin says, I still miss her.

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