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My Front Yard - March 2014

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This is what a winter's worth of snow looks like in central Canada.
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Luckily it was an exceptional year - but not in a good way. This past winter was very cold, but with an unusually small amount of snow. Go figure!! And yes, I'm still here - those who live on the prairies tend to be of heart stock. LOL




Thanks for the info and answering my flooding question.... There's a lot to learn here on Jigidi.... Hope it all works out OK... (。◕‿◕。)


Aishahm, we are a hearty breed north of the 49th!! Although we had a few snow days this winter due to the extraordinary amount of snow we received, our kids mostly trudged through the snow to get to school. It was mostly the kids who took school buses who were forced to stay home.

SMor, that's a great idea. If the Snow Whirl or underground heating system doesn't pan out, perhaps a training school might be a plan.

Surprisingly, the early flood forecast is a small to moderate chance. But so much depends on how much moisture we get in the next couple of months, both here and further south of us. I am not close to a river, so overland flooding isn't a problem. I may get some seepage in the basement from all the snow around the house. That's why I always hope for a slow warming. And this year that's extremely important as our record cold produced frost down to 7.5 feet rather than the usual 4 feet. The ground needs time to warm up slowly so it can absorb the moisture.


Goodness all to gracious, Snow mountain....You were not kidding about all your snow, Ms Whatty.... We have to rethink our snow removal invention.... This is a really, really lot of snow to remove.... Maybe you could rent this mountain out as a training site for the climbers who want to tackle Mt. Everest..... Seriously, when all this does melt will it cause any flooding problems?? Are you high enough to stay dry??? Take care, stay warm and think spring.... (。◕‿◕。)


I used to think we got a lot of snow here, we got nothing on Canada. : )


Thanks, Toto, songbirdj and lela.

Sadly, lela, there isn't even a molehill under all that white stuff.


Oh!......Your house was built right in front of a mountain!........


Yes, that's pretty much what my yard looks like in Regina! Happy shoveling!


Oh my . . . .

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