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Hooray, Willy's back ~ time to have fun!

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I think the next time Willy and Monique want to go on vacation, it should be put to a vote to see if we should let them. It would have to be stipulated that he create enough puzzles in advance so they could be published in his absence. This way, when they're gone, we wouldn't miss him so much. No puzzles? No vacation.
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  1. life23:12
  2. Dee1401573:31
  3. savana4:07
  4. Rgi19134:13
  5. teegee4:25
  6. Polly71884:33
  7. myladydanes4:50
  8. Brashear5:05
  9. annefar5:13
  10. doteric155:17


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Willy, when you were away, I snuck over to Belgium and got into your apartment through the back window. Next time, marry someone older than you. That way, you'll look better.

Thanks, dize.

I'm glad you enjoyed this one, tootie, in spite of it being a bit difficult.


Wow, that was kind of, a lot of, confusing. But great fun.


Love it!


You put a big smile on my face now Gail. Thanks for this funny puzzle.
But how do you get all the pictures from me? My smiling faces are from the moments that Monique was driving not to hard with her bike, the others,..... well she is 5 years younger so.....
Thanks so much, it is fine to be back with real friends and...
Let's have fun. ♫☀♥☺

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