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D. M. Ferry & Co. Seed Annual 1922

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  1. PurpleGirl1710:47
  2. drini11:19
  3. Tonse8014:29
  4. kaceypurple14:36
  5. jrb5415:03
  6. Kathleen6315:14
  7. knd11916:00
  8. forrestisbestus16:02
  9. kiti694216:29
  10. januaryrain17:48


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Hi Christoo, it is nice to meet you, yes I do live in Canada, Ontario where it is very hot and humid here the past few days. It is a very beautiful country, my son lives out west close to the mountains, I have been to visit him a couple of times, hence the mountain photos. Most of what I post are mine own pictures though I have posted a couple of his with his permission. Glad you found some you would like to do. Sharon

january rain, Hello! I don't believe we have met. I just visited your
puzzle page, and so far I have bookmarked three puzzles. I love the
geese (?) photo you have on your Avatar. If you posted this as a puzzle,
A caption could be, "Excuse Me,This Is A Private Swimming Party".

I just have never found a photo that I like so I have left mine blank.
Hope you come back for another visit.

Do you live in Canada, I live in the central time zone in
the U.S. where it is so very hot. I have never been to Canada,
came close one year when I was in Washington state. I picture
it as being cooler than here, hope you do live there and it is
cooler. I enjoyed the photos of your son that you share.

Hello! pmsmith32, did I understand that you enjoy the large sized jigsaw puzzles?
If you do, I understand the feeling.


what a treasure and a pleasure, thank you for posting


I love the poster puzzles. Thanks

I will be glad to do that for you, and here I was wishing
I could have made it larger, but I always try to remember
to make a smaller version as I realize that you all are
out there, thanks for the comment and request.

so pretty. only wish it was a smaller size

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