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Desserts Around The World - Germany - Springerle

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These are dedicated to the wonderful @morepiecesplz

These special anise-flavored cookies are made by using individual molds that are pressed onto the cookie dough or with rolling pins that have molds embedded on them. These cookies are meant to be stored for weeks or even months before being eaten and their flavor and texture get better with age.
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I have a springerle rolling pin that is embossed with the designs: you roll out the dough in small amounts and then cut the designs apart. I make them for Christmas -- my grandson expects them! ;-) I start them in early/mid-November, as there are two drying periods for them before putting them into airtight tins to 'develop' the flavor for 2-3 weeks. The older/harder they are, the better my husband likes them -- he loves dunking the hard cookies into morning coffee.


@morepiecesplz I'm glad you like the springerle photo! The designs are incredibly detailed and make the cookies look like pieces of art. I don't know if I could bear eating them! The storage thing took me by surprise too, but multiple websites swore that these cookies are meant to be made ahead of time and taste better after being stored.


@Juba1010 You're welcome! I'm happy you enjoyed the series!


@Avalanche You're welcome! I'm happy you enjoyed the series.


Thank you for your series! I have enjoyed it very much


Thanks, AngelFire! This is a beautiful picture - the molds seem to make sharper designs, but are probably a bit more work. The rolling pin is quicker but I've never seen such detail from one. And, honestly, I've never had success with any sweet I'm supposed to store - I'll take your word for it that it improves the flavor...


Thanks AngelFire. I have enjoyed your series. :-)



I left you a couple…..🥛


Hope you find some more desserts. They make me hungry for desserts.

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