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Bamboo rat eating bamboo

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Bamboo-rat (Kannabateomys amblyonyx) having lunch on Bambusa vulgaris. It is not really a rat. Like the Capivara it belongs to the rat like rodents. Kannabateomys lives in the Atlantic rainforest, loves our bamboo and is not shy at all. At night it calls out for his girlfriend with an shrill whistle.
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  1. Tropi7:16
  2. Luminla7:29
  3. GARDGRD8:13
  4. marymmac9:22
  5. BloodPirate10:41
  6. Heindal11:11
  7. aknettie1511:26
  8. GrammaC12:04
  9. SandeH3:11:49


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