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Made Some Changes....

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25 pieces
82 solves
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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle? you like it better in this color?

Took a hint from surfer and this is a result. Thank you surfer :)
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  1. Phil_The_Greek0:34
  2. swimbee0:43
  3. jntleman0:44
  4. joint0:52
  5. klchapz250:53
  6. sammiegirl0:55
  7. Bevlaar0:57
  8. emilye0:58
  9. SandiT1:00
  10. bomama1:00


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Happy that you loved them, Janet. Thank you for coming back. Hugs my friend ☺♥♥


Again too slow but I loved it Barb, I loved them both! Thanks and hugs my friend ♥☺♥


Thank you, Suzy! Glad you like the original one....something about the pumpkin, maybe....LOL


Thank you so much Sandi, I'm glad you participate in my experiment. I do like this pink one but I really like them all.... :)


Ardy, thank you for rating them for me....I really like all of them. Trying to choose is too hard. Hugs ☺♥


Actually....out of all of them, I prefer the first one. :)


I prefer this pink one. Just my personal opinion. I love pink.


This is nice. If I were to rank the three of them it would be the original - 1; blue & pink -2 and this - 3. Fun to experiment, Barb. Thanks. Hugs.


Yes, I did it....LOL And I like them all. Thanks for the suggestion, surfer it makes for more fun in solving :)


Gail, I like it too. In fact, I like all three versions....LOL Thank you for telling me your opinion :)


WOW you did it Sunny, thanks for posting all the lovely colors, somehow each highlights certain or different elements in a kal!


It's pretty in this color, too, Barb.

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