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Today Is National Black Cat Day!!

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Don’t be superstitious! October 27 may be National Black Cat Day, but it is all about celebrating the beauty of these sleek creatures.

While this time of year black cats may decorate many thresholds for Halloween and windows for spooky decor, these felines deserve the love and attention just as much as their tabby counterparts. Old notions have given these furry critters a bad reputation. National Black Cat Day is about turning that reputation around.


If you are a cat lover and considering adopting, don’t overlook the ebony to go with your ivory. Knock those irrational fears to the door and open your home to the dark side! Use #NationalBlackCatDay to share on social media.


Cats Protection, an animal charity in the United Kingdom, founded National Black Cat Day to raise awareness concerning the lower rates of adoption for black cats.
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Cute names, Jeri!


I have a black cat and his name is Blackjack..BJ for short. His sister's name is Keno.
I named them that, cause we live in Vegas.


I have a black cat and she's feisty and thinks she's a bird, she will climb trees and tries to attract the birds by imitating them. She is called pussy cat.


We are Judy!!


I never knew black animals were hard to get adopted, I wonder if it is that silly superstition.☺♥☺


Sounds like you're both better off away from her, Joe.


Well my ex wasn't the least bit nice!! But she's an alcoholic and I still get the blame for things!! My daughter (now 27) tells me she has been accused of being "just like your father", a badge she wears proudly!! lol

I rest my case with your nickname, not nice at all...Bear makes sense from a 4 year old...our cats were Rocky and Pebbles, brother and sister, male and female, named by my 10 year old son. I have a thing about names, don't understand Apple, North, Dweezle, etc., at all...Sherry


Dummy was my nickname (according to my ex) and our black cat's name was Bear, named by our 4 y/o daughter!

Absolutely jals, my only proviso in naming the pets was whether I was going to be embarrassed if I was in public calling out the name, like Foofoo or Dummy. Didn't want to call attention to myself... Sherry :)))


lol Sherry and John! I say name your pets whatever you want and da*n the consquequences. ;-)

It was just in recent years I heard that shelters have a harder time getting black dogs adopted. I don't know if there's superstition connected or not or if people just prefer white animals. I like the black dogs better. I had a black lab when I was a child and loved that dog and then we had to leave it behind when we moved. Poor Smoky!

very funny, rswestley, not especially endearing, Pookie, names, but yes, you will be safer...I'm laughing...Sherry :)))


I guess I have never really been politically "correct". Years ago I had a completely black cat that was really nice, could run fast and jump really high, so I named him Dr. J after my favorite basketball star, (Julius Erving) . If I named my cat Dr. J now, Black Lives Matter would probably send me a gift wrapped "F" thrown through my front window. So now I name all my furry friend names that are universally accepted and causes no controversy... Like "Bicycle" or "Dishwater" or "Miter saw" or "Clock". Yup... no prejudices here... I love all mechanical things, big or small

Sorry, I missed the superstition about black cats being witch's pets and bad luck...Sherry

Hey jals, black cats I know for sure is the superstition about black cats, dogs I'm not so sure of, could be the same thing. And it is a stupid bad rap!...Sherry :)))


That's weird that there is a lower rate of adoption for black cats. But I think I've also seen that with dogs too, and I like black dogs!


My black cat had green eyes.

Are the eyes reflecting what it's lying on, or actually a white-gray colour, absolutely gorgeous...Sherry




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29 December 2020 - 6 December 2016
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