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so true!

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  1. takeme2theriva1:48
  2. kaz731:56
  3. cbcreations2:00
  4. fastfitter2:07
  5. msss2:11
  6. andie9832:13
  7. Piki2:13
  8. Hope2:14
  9. Amcook2:18
  10. bakersheryl2:21


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No once again it is an insult to women that belongs some place that a jigsaw puzzle site. It is very insulting to women. Very. Women hath you no pride. Besides some people really have diseases that are killing them that prevent them from loosing weight. Look up ornithine transcarbamalase dificiency. Most boys die at birth. Most girls have brain damage. With OTC the gene that helps burn stored energy is damaged. The girls will gain weight the rest of their life but not be able to loose it. Because exercise, some anesthesias, and other alternatives to "normal" will and do kill them ---none of that is an option. Most of the public think of them as slobs. Yet they are really dying from a genetic disorder they never ask for. Canada and America are the only ones that test at birth. All other countries are more apt to let babies dies, terminate pregnacies, and let children and women die because they do not allow the medications in their country ---such as Australia. Becareful of who you make fun of. The next person with this genetic disorder may be someone that dies in your family....


How true!


Ha-Ha! Love this! Thanks for sharing. Was a good laugh.

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