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Wars on Kinkade 3

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  1. Bethamus22:09
  2. crazy1425:45
  3. Starr8831:57
  4. teeter123437:24
  5. Susan6149:37
  6. 50242951:01
  7. jearsley51:34
  8. samantha85154:04
  9. masterfelix54:43
  10. cicacica1:00:16


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I agree with Carollouiser and Marleah. I love Kincade and do not really like what has been done here. Can we have more of just Kincade?


I have to agree with Carollouiser.


mskimmyd didn't make these, Marleah. It's just an interesting twist on an art form. Feel free not to solve them. Also feel free not to share your negativity. To each his own.


I just don't understand the need to make beautiful things ugly. There is nothing funny about this sort of "mashup" in my book. The mashup concept CAN be rally creative and interesting. Sadly, this is not, in my opinion. Better luck on your next attempt at this genre.


I took this one as a random "quick solve".....I find that it is fun not to know what the puzzle is until it is put toether....I can see why this one could be unpopular...but I enjoyed the mystery of it...


I imagine they are supposed to be funny and/or amusing, yes. They're just a mashup of two completely & unrelated genres - adding a bit of scifi whimsy to Kinkade's pieces. I don't believe that they meant to be offensive, but even if they were...

Are these Wars on Kinkade supposed to be funny or what. I find them offensive. I certainly will not solve them. I loved Kinkade and his paintings and books. I don't get it.

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