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240 pieces
13 solves
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  1. Foghorn1:29:47
  2. a_d_s1:49:57
  3. itsme42702:06:11
  4. Sissou2:39:20
  5. abqmary2:43:51
  6. amr9232:53:56
  7. Noor3:00:53
  8. Stormi3:20:19


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"What program are you using to solve puzzles? "

I don't use any program to solve them


Found it. Thanks, oh eagle-eyed one! LOL

Check for a comment you know where. Does seem to be in range but still watching. :)


Sorry, I went back to work today, so have had waaaaay less Jigidi time, so didn't see your comment until now. Geez - you're a good detective! Howdja find that one? Actually, maybe don't answer that question. LOL The time on that one looks to be in normal range to me. Maybe he got a bit of a fright, and decided to behave?

He did this one today.

He hasn't been on since the 25th. Can wait and see if he comes back and if so send an e-mail to TPTB.


I have rob and jawz in my faves too, so that must be where I first saw it as well. So what next? TPTB?

Look at his time on this one. Hadn't seen June's. I spotted him on JanetJane, Jawz, chickie, robryan, tex and mine.


I only really took notice when I saw this:

Up to that point, I think I had seen some of the fast solve times, but it hadn't really sunk in.

Haven't so far. The first day I noticed him he was all over puzzles I normally would do and first in all of them, including mine. Haven't seen him around for awhile - was waiting to see if he starts up again. Have you noticed him anywhere in the last couple days?


Have you asked TPTB?

Doesn't look like he wants to answer.


An excellent question, Pat. I wonder if you will get an answer?

What program are you using to solve puzzles?

Why this advertisement?