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The busy spider...

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This small (1") spider built its web this morning across the mouth of a black plastic compost bin that had the lid blown off in yesterday's storm. The shimmering effect is from parts of the web being blown by a gentle breeze. It looked iridescent in the sunlight.

Yesterday (Friday) we had 212mm or 6 1/2" of rain in 13 hours!!! and another 50mm or 2" on Thursday. Today is fine and sunny:)))))

Brisbane, Australia.
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You may like this to see, Robyn! Happy Mothers Day to you as well,... your also like a good mother to all us jigidi kids!!!


It does too Cathy - thanks :))))

AH! That's good Lunie - thanks :))))

Thanks IF:)) LOL!! We sure got our fill - and then some more - and I'd very gladly share it round if I could:))))) Thanks :))


That is wonderful. Beautiful effect with those iridescent colors. Um, in 13 hours you received more rain than Las Vegas gets in a year. Could you send us some? Our big lake needs it. :)


Guess you were right naming my purple flower Duranta.


Awesome picture!!! Thank you Rob and Jeremy.
It looks like the spider is in outer space. : )))


Here's hoping you get some rain to cool things down Lunie:))))
No - this was taken about 10AM - looking into a black plastic compost bin!! The lid had blown off in the storm and that's where he built this shiny new web:)))) Thanks :))))

Thanks Jana - and poor sick Max:((((


Great shot. Thank you so much Jeremy and Rob. Have a beautiful new week. Hugs ☻


It's our turn today rob! The thunder has come to life after a long silence...may rain tonight. The photo is good, taken at night?


LOL! So do I Dave:))) Thanks :))

Thanks smllpkg - I'll pass the compliments on:)))


Fascinating photo! Thank you, Jeremy!


WOW!! I dream of taking photos this good someday!!


Thanks Jumble, Shirley, Marry, Suzy, Florrie, Floyd, Lyndee, Patti and donnebrook - I'll pass on the compliments to my son:))) It does look just like a 78 record donnebrook:)))) I never thought of that:))) Thanks :)))


This one reminds me of the old 78 records! Thanks for sharing these.




You have 10 stars!!!


Isn't it amazing how they can build these webs???? Good shot Robyn.


Thank you and Jeremy for this most interesting spider pic.


Excellent! Congrats to Jeremy!!


Fabulous, Rob!


Oh what a marvellous web he weaves, they really are very clever, Thanks, Rob.


Its a work of art. Thanks Rob and Jeremy. ☺


Thanks Barb - I'll let Jeremy know:)))


This is a great photo and so nice and clear...kudos Jeremy....LOL
Thank you Rob for posting :)


Thanks Janet - I'll pass the compliments on:)))
We've had a beautiful day - hardly a cloud in the sky:)))) and such a contrast to yesterday:))))


Well done Jeremy, a fabulous photo. We've had tiny patches of sun today, but nearly all overcast, but no more rain. I look forward to a sunny day, maybe tomorrow.
Thanks and hugs Rob. ♥

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