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Drinks & Kaleidos

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  1. dotshell6:18
  2. Coffee6:29
  3. Valissa6:44
  4. K8C6:51
  5. Besty7:06
  6. glscamp7:40
  7. jime658:04
  8. Kfgg8:16
  9. Bigbangfan8:22
  10. kidtamer9:26


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Thanks for your constructive feedback Dotty. The drinks images are a bit too busy in this one, I think I should have remembered "less is more" and in hindsight it would have looked better without the b/w frames. And I'd have chosen different colours of Kaleido patterns. It's great to reflect back!


I really like the black/white frames a lot, but I might enjoy it more if the other images weren't so busy--maybe if the two coloring images had been something with a plainer background? Just a suggestion. It was fun to do because the two corner images were such a challenge. Thanks! Dotty


Hi Dudicat! Pleased you liked that one ☺️

Beautiful, thank you!!

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