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Stoneart :-)

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This is the only one I had Alias, but great made and fantastic in details. Thanks so much for the info :-)))

What a stone work!
This is Notre Dame Cathedral.

Will you post more of them, Sissel?

If you are in Georgia, USA, you can visit.


You are so welcome Sylvia - thanks :-)))


Very pretty stone art. I, too wonder how long it took the artist to finish this gem! Thanks, Sissel!


:-))) PW and Girlina


I wonder if their services are short, too.

Nice going, PW!!! ; ))))


Thank you Alex, Janet, Jill, Catmo, Juba and Jackie. A facinating building made from a real artist - so many details :-)))))


Excellent structure, the rows are straight and towers are even TFP, Sissel :-))))))))


WOW! That is fantastic thanks Sissel, with hugs. ♥♥


Brilliant, thanks


Pretty amazing. Truly a labor of love. Thanks for sharing.


Can’t solve this right now. I’ll try again later.

Very nice job, Thank you.


Not to know PW - LOL


Was this built in the Rocky Mountains or Pebble Beach?


It is very detailed Girlina but with the small stones it might not be more than some barrols and proberbly build at this place :-))))

Wonder how many stones are in it? Maybe he broke it down in segments and finished, say, one turret at a time and assembled it that way? Just amazing. Look inside the main entrance, Sissel, he even has the inside finished like a gothic cathedral!


Not exactly Girlina but some days or months - fantastic work :-)))

Can you imagine how long it must have taken him to finish this???!!! Wow! He even put stained glass in the windows!


It is Girlina. Pebbel castle :-)))))

So that's where all the rock mulch from my shrubbery beds went!!!!! ; ))))

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