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Hannah Bantry, in the pantry,
Gnawing at a mutton bone,
How she gnawed it,
How she clawed it,
When she found herself alone.

From; A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse To Me.
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  1. patten4:12
  2. rndixon4:40
  3. Zdeno5:12
  4. jbprols5:48
  5. barbsimm46:20
  6. jandchris6:34
  7. jensontab7:01
  8. Patlynas8:41
  9. dfwkrw9:36
  10. GinaGina9:44


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They are simply stunning. Don't do too many chores, leave some time for rest and relaxation. ha ha


Thank you June, I am doing well and having fun with puzzles in between doing laundry and other chores around the house. You know how that is! Glad you like the twins, they are so beautiful.

Marvellous to have this larger picture - thanks so much Bernadette. Now I can see just what's going on. Can't blame her for eating the Mutton Bone - she looks as though she is enjoying it. Thank you too for the lovely pictures of the cats that you tagged to me - I look forward to getting them done. Thanks again. Hope all is well with you.



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