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From my balcony in North Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Thank you for your note Audslibrary. Yes, I love walnuts too. ☺


I've only seen walnuts in the shell. . .on the ground, wrinkly and black and staining your hands when you gather them and shell them. But oh, the taste of such after roasting. . . amazing.


Thank you Laurajane! Since I can now reach them from my balcony I will probably do that. : o)


Beautiful tree. I hope you can get a taste of its bounty!


Thank you for your notes Sissel and Lorna.
I love this tree! It provides shade and privacy for me and oxygen for the whole planet!! ❤ ❤ ❤


That is a rather attractive view Cathy! ☺


I love the nuts too Cathy. I use them for just eating during winter, cake or for Walnut-snaps :-))))))))
One of them is a variation from Bornholm. The leaves and nuts are a bit different but still a lovely walnut :-)))


You have two walnut trees ... that's great ! It 's a beautiful tree and the squirrels love it! Hugs


The nuts are different from my walnut but the leaves are the same Cathy. There are 2 here, they are different from each other in minor ways like this :-)))))


Thank you Sissel. This tree is in our neighbour's yard but the branches are almost touching our balconies. : )


Walnuts I would guess Cathy. Thank you so much and hugs :-))))


I think they are walnuts.


What are those?

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