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We made it with parsnips and turnips instead of potatoes. Not a single potato of any kind in the produce department last week when we made this. I don't think I'll use potatoes anymore for stew.
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  1. lordmojo3:43
  2. Avalanche5:30
  3. susannea5:40
  4. timc5:52
  5. yarnover5:57
  6. MemeLeslie4ua6:03
  7. ioannavassi6:34
  8. Yose7:23
  9. franylou7:29
  10. pfd03157:49


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I believe you!!

Thank you beeld! It was all thrown together from what was available at the store. I will have to try and make it again this winter. It was so good.


This looks very tasty!

Parsnips and turnips make yummy french fries in the oven also.

What is it with potatoes?? All gone at my stores too. I love parsnips and turnips and will look for some on my next trip out.

Looks delicious! No fresh potatoes for me, either!

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