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Willoughby Fresh, New South Wales, Australia

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Willoughby Fresh is a gourmet grocer specialising in fresh fruit and vegetables, along with essential grocery items and gourmet items. And with three generations of the Scala family having been at the helm of this Lower North Shore (Sydney) fruit and veg shop for over 30 years, it’s easy to see why locals just keep coming back. “It’s your typical Italian-Australian family business. There’s a lot of love not only for each other, but what we do” said Ray Scala, who’s in charge of running the shop.
And it’s evident that they do it well. Willoughby Fresh always keeps minimal produce in stock so they are able to set a premium standard of freshness and quality you’ll find no where else. It also helps that Ray’s brother Charles is the shop’s buyer and has been in the fresh produce game all his life. “He can spot quality from a mile away. If he’s not happy with it, we don’t stock it.”
Willoughby Fresh also have a wide range of products, fresh to you! Including bread, continental bread, milk, frozen goods, gelato, ice cream, butter, cold meats, confectionery, pasta, nuts and fresh juice! Not to mention the highest quality fresh fruit, veggies and flowers!
But it’s Nonna’s famous home made Italian meals that have really put the store on the map as Willoughby’s BEST kept secret. Nonna’s Kitchen started out as an idea conceived by the Scala family matriarch herself, Maria, approximately 7 years ago. Since then, it has soared in popularity.
“Customers just can’t get enough of her meatballs, lasagnes, risottos, schnitzels, as well as the popular vegetarian pastas. We’ve had to set up her own prep kitchen and hire 3 kitchen hands to keep up with the demand.”

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Wendy, there looks to be plenty there for all of us! :-))) ♥♥♥


Jaklien, it certainly does make you hungry. ♥♥♥


What a great place to be!!! That big pot of spaghetti and the sauce is very inviting............Wendy


I feel a hunger coming up.
Here it is currently 12:26, so lunchtime.


Linda, that's how it is with 'family' business. We hope they remain, and prosper. ♥♥♥


Love it! The "family" style shops are no longer here. And I sure miss them. They were good friends you could trust.


Janet, hope you had a good day in Maryborough. ♥♥♥


That does look and sound delicious thanks Nev, hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


treker, we're all getting an appetite.




Iris, I think we're all getting hungry now after seeing this fine food. ♥♥♥


Bev, it sounds like they make most of those fine Italian dishes. Those foods are very popular with a lot of people here in Sydney, particularly those of Mediterranean origin. ♥♥


Ardy, they've done well. They started with a fruit and vege shop, but found there was a niche there for freshly made food. Which suits many working women these days, who are 'time-poor'. ♥♥♥


Bobbie, Marge makes this dish (Spaghetti Bolognese) too, and it is delicious. We both love it. But she doesn't make it in these huge sorts of quantities. ♥♥♥


Jigsawfanatic, sounds very much like he got homesick.


Sherry, there's plenty of Spaghetti Bolognese here to keep everybody happy. ♥♥♥


redina1, they've worked hard to build up their business. It's wonderful to see. ♥♥♥


Great picture and yummy too! Grins!☺

I am salivating, right now and lasagnes sounds yummy. I bet they have njoki too.
My mom was born across from Italy on the Adriatic. (Croatia) my mom did a great deal of Italian cooking. Mill that and Polenta too. Thank you Nev. It brought back memories. 6-17-18 6:53pm.


That's a big pot of sauce. Yum. I'm hungry. Always nice when a venture turns out so well. Thanks, Nev.


Nonna Maria, that is a beautiful pot of 'gravy'. WHat a great idea she had, glad it turned out well.☺♥♥


We had a mate from Australia who operated a restaurant in Burien, Washington, USA, serving Australian style food, like pot pies with potatoes on top. Be he wanted to close up and go back to Australia.

I had to stop reading, I'm still working and our narrative is making me very hungry...the spaghetti looks's a good idea...Sherry :)))


That's a lot of spaghetti!! I love their success story. Wish I could come sample some of that! :))

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