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  1. Biscuit741:11
  2. montuos1:16
  3. dogs_n_me1:24
  4. gemstone1:24
  5. kmtw1:30
  6. Teagardener1:30
  7. Robbos1:31
  8. JM_Cookie1:33
  9. RZRgirl1:40
  10. PKGirl1:45


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The Magnolia is loving all the heat and rain.
I will have a big job pruning her in the fall.


Just solving my bookmarked flower puzzles...and wondering if she survived the late snow alright...


Oh, no! Poor blossoms! Hope it isn't too cold for them. :(((

P.S. Did you shovel the grass first?


Awww. ;( I mowed the lawn yesterday in anticipation of what you're sending us. Must have looked rather odd all bundled up mowing.


Good morning JM, I laughed that you wrote you hope it stops because you have to cut the grass :)) We have crazy weather in Tennessee too. Yesterday it was 75 degrees, but snow was predicted for sometime during the night . . it didn’t happen, but it was cold this morning ! It looks like a Tulip tree blossom, is that right? It’s really pretty with the snow! Thank you for the puzzle . .


I had 4 or 5 inches on the back deck and stairs, it must have drifted over the house, only 2 or 3 in the the front yard.


I am sorry. We had that yesterday now we have two nights with possible frost or freeze. I took photos of our 3-inch snow.


Gorgeous photo. Yes, snow here also (eastern Ontario).


It is still coming down.
I hope it stops, I have to cut the grass.


amazing ;)
looks gorgeous in every way!


We got some Snow !!

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