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Bustling Aquarelle by Kandinsky 1923

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This painting by Wassily Kandinsky in 1923 is the subject of a 1000 pc. puzzle I received for Christmas, one of four in all. It was manufactured by Piatnik and purchased from Puzzle Warehouse. It took me 8 to 9 hours to complete. See how long it takes for about 100 pcs.
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  1. Rafanadal25:51
  2. loriann577:51
  3. norelmer8:50
  4. loriferens9:16
  5. Noulelle9:19
  6. skink579:41
  7. simples11:08
  8. GoldenCat11:10
  9. Bill_I_Am11:20
  10. ekdugger11:42


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Hi Fowly. Boy you had to go back a ways to find this one. Glad you liked it. If everyone liked the same thing there would never be any variety to choose from. Take Care Tim


Well, it definitely IS my cuppa @tnjflint, I love Kandinsky’s paintings. I would have loved your table one too. Thank you for this post, wish it was bigger though. Say 200 pcs. Fay.


Not my cuppa, either, Bill.


This painting doesn't do a thing for me, so I'm glad it was you solving the 1,000-piece one, Tim. But I sure enjoyed the video and discussion about the weaving. Thanks, Tim; thanks, Pat!

Thinking about it a bit more I think they meant preserving weaving in Wales not preserving Welsh Weaving. Slight difference since weaving is weaving pretty much anywhere.


Ahhh, so what he's doing wasn't as big a deal as it appeared to be to a totally-ignorant-when-it-comes-to-weaving person. Your description of what's involved with your hobby leaves me in total confusion and awe.

Thanks Pat. That was interesting although I didn't see anything that made it special to Wales. I am afraid I work on a smaller scale but it is tedious nevertheless. He was threading rigid heddles so there is only two choices as to where each thread can go. I am currently threading 420 ends over 16 of my 24 in shafts which have to be in the correct order. Once that is done the computer controls which shafts go up and down and what order but I am still moving the beater and throwing the shuttles. It's good for an older somebody because the patterns may be 80 to 100 passes before it starts over again. Take care


Tim, I saw this on Facebook just now. Thought you'd enjoy it.

Oh, incidentally, it's got nothing to do with this puzzle. Except, if I tried to do what this gentleman in the video does, the end product might resemble Kandinsky's painting which is lovely, of course, as a painting.



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