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Floaty Flowers

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They are pretty and yes a bench there and to the right of the flowers outdoor table & 6 chairs Thanks Donna


I love these flowers. Do I spy a bench here? TFS!


Thanks Lynette, we do enjoy our outlook. 😊🌸


Lovely scenery Jillian 😀🌷


Thanks Tea we enjoy it. :)


😊 that’s great Janet, one of the things I love about Jigidi, learn new things and go places I haven’t been. Thanks


Wonderful flowers and a great view!
Thanks Jill :)


Have never heard of gauras before either. I am learning something new every day!


Glad you have one also Nev. We have a pink and white one beside each in the other planter box, I like them. Thanks mate


Thanks Val nothing like your Estate but we happy with it. 😊❤️


Jill, Marge has a pink Gaura just like Janet. Great bee attracters. ♥♥♥


Thank you Jill lovely to see more of your garden ☺♥


Thanks Patti, we have had a few weeks of lovely autumn weather, it’s meant to rain over the next couple of days and with colder nights.


Suzy I love the two words you have used as that has always been what we have wanted our home to be. Thank you


Janet another ‘snap’ in our gardens 😊 hugs to you ❤️


Jerry thank you so much. When they are mature they look like palm trees even more. Palm Trees tend to be too big for home gardens


So, so lovely! And what a nice day, too! Thanks Jillian!


What a fine garden you have, Jill!!! It's so relaxing and welcoming. :)


Beautiful gauras thanks Jill. I have a pink one. Hugs to you. ♥


@JillianB Another (rather) lovely view. I appreciate the identification of the trees which I noted in an earlier view from your garden and had assumed them to be palms. Thanks, professor Kiwi.


Lol 😄Good one Robbie, thanks mate, yes was lovely.


Hi Rebekka These are Lancewood, a New Zealand native, it is a unique, small tree with lance-like foliage that changes dramatically as the tree matures. These are part of our garden and only 8 years old so still in their juvenile form.


Jillian, are those strange-looking things in the background palm trees??


I was looking for your guru sitting on the bench Jill..........then I noticed the spelling! Hee hee. Hope you enjoyed your special day.


Dobra I am rather fond of our gauras, we have a pink one as well and love how they move with any breeze. Nice that we have the same 😊


Thanks Jacki, yes we do enjoy our outlook.


Jill, I noticed your gaura in the raised flower bed next to the rosemary. I have the same gaura.


Pretty flowers, beautiful scene overall. Thank you Jill!

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